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Moving can be a challenging and sometimes confusing task. Here are some guidelines that can answer some of your questions and help in planning your move.

preparing to pack

You will need to decide what items you will pack yourself, and what items you are leaving for the movers to pack. You should also decide what items are to be sold, given away or discarded. When packing, under no circumstances should you pack – jewelry, money, valuable papers, matches, flammables or other dangerous articles with your belongings.

do you need additional loss or damage coverage?

Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent to determine what coverage would be provided should any of your possessions be lost or damaged while being transported and stored. This is especially important if you are moving particularly valuable objects such as antiques!

On the day of pick-up

1. Determining the weight of your shipment:

Transportation charges are determined based on the weight of your shipment. We will weigh the empty or partially loaded vehicle on a certified scale prior to loading and again after loading your goods to determine the weight of your shipment. If there are no scales available or sufficient to weigh the shipment, the weight will be determined by multiplying the cubic feet properly loaded of van space occupied by 7 pounds per cubic foot.

2. Information/documents needed before the mover leaves your pickup location:

Mover contact information, provide the mover with your contact information, shipment bill of lading, obtained from the mover, showing the date of shipment, name(s) of who is shipping (co-signor) and receiving (co-signee), points of origin and destination, a description of the goods, and the declared, released or full valuation of the goods.

4. Be present:

You should plan to spend whatever time it takes to supervise the move, answer questions and make sure nothing is left behind. If you cannot be present, designate someone to act on your behalf and inform the mover that they can make decisions on your behalf. Always alert
the mover if something unexpected comes up which could
affect the cost or timing of the move!

Moving Day!

On the day of delivery

1. Hours of delivery:

Deliveries are made between 7:00 a.m.
and 6:00 p.m., except, and if by mutual agreement between
the mover and shipper or co-signor, other hours are specified. Vehicles arriving before 6:00 p.m. must be allowed to complete loading or unloading of the entire shipment.

2. Be present:

Save time by telling the mover where you
want items placed upon delivery. If you appoint someone else to act on your behalf, make sure they know where you want the delivered items placed.


We had a hard time finding a moving company to do a move from Allegan to Troy MI. White Mitten Movers were the answer. They offered for viewing all POI’s (Proof of Insurance) we requested and a thorough estimate of charges. Both Weston and Colton, I labeled them the Dynamic Duo, were polite, professional and treated us and our belongings with total respect. I would recommend them and this Company highly! Carl, they represented your company to the MAX! Navigating the drive is no easy task…. time consuming and always boasting of Orange Barrels!! Rated 10 + 2!!!! You’re blessed to have them as part of your White Mittens Company!!! Continued success to you ALL.
Rhonda F.

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